We are talking again of BMW Z2

BMW Z2We had almost forgotten the sound of a corridor on compact roadster at BMW, who plays the sea serpent in 2009. Today the idea of ​​a Z2 comes up.

Still confined to mere speculation supported by some leaks on the side of Munich, she discovers, however, should be created by 2014. Although the project still has time to be frozen …

However, his arrival in the catalog would be strategically consistent. With the Z2, it will be for BMW to return to a more simple, more youthful and fun roadster. Since the time of Z3, things have changed. The first Z4, already a little more serious, has yet gentrified with the second generation. In the event that BMW has confirmed its intention to produce a new entry-level roadster, it will be a compact size, based on the platform of the new 1 Series, leaving the rigid retractable roof for the benefit of a soft top.
Technically speaking, the supply of engines should be heavily loaded with 4-cylinder supercharged, reserving the 6 line at the top of the range. Finally, the latest reassuring, since BMW has probably given up use of traction for the Z2. It will indeed faithful to the propulsion, and propose an AWD option.

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