Wednesday Lifestyle: Audi Trimaran Concept

Audi BoatWith the support of the brand Audi,  the German designer Stefanie Behringer introduced a concept of the hybrid trimaran rather successful with two engines of 500 hp each V12.

In the past, we had already seen the car manufacturers get closer to the boating community of luxury. Lamborghini had presented such a “concept Poweryacht” very interesting. Without investing much, Audi still had shown interest at the Geneva Motor Show 2008 with the launch of the Q7 coastline which took over the interior design of a bridge of yacht.

This time, the brand with Ring’s recurrence, and a more extensive way. The Audi design department has, in fact, collaborated with the German student Stefanie Behringer to develop a new concept in yacht and then badge Audi Sport. This is a hybrid trimaran hull with a large central for stability. The two shells on the sides hiding two jet skis electric propulsion that can be used as is for trolling, or if they are removed from the hull to go for a stroll on the water.
Audi BoatMotorization level, there are two engines on the V12 TDI concept made by Audi and already tested in the Q7 V12. Everyone develops about 500 horsepower and, combined with two electric motors of 100 hp each placed in the side shields. We arrive at a total power of 1200 horses.

In short, if the design of the R8 seas is successful, the performances are no exception as the trimaran can theoretically reach speeds of 40 knots. To verify this, it will be that Audi wants to produce this concept well, and it’s not for now.

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