Wheelsandmore touched Audi R8 GT

Audi R8 GT Wheelsandmore Supersport EditionThe Audi R8 GT is in my opinion no need tuning but Wheelsandmore could not leave again.

They provide the R8 GT Supersport Edition of the name, but why? Well, because they have a lot of encrypted. The exhaust has been replaced by a handmade stainless steel and 40% lighter copy. Then they put the thing on the dyno and the power boosted from 560 to 611 hp.
This is partly due to the exhaust and partly to the custom electronics.

The torque increases to 585 Nm, and also the top speed is now 335 kilometers per hour (normal 320), while the sprint to 100 km per hour in 3.3 seconds henceforth  (normally 3.6) is taken.

The wheels are obviously (they did not call for anything Wheelsandmore ) also replace 20-inch matte-coated specimens with Continental Sport Contact 5P’s in size 245/25/20 front and 295/25/20 rear. KW provides an adjustable hydraulic ride height verlagingsset with the R8 GT Supersport Edition 40 millimeters higher if desired, provides for overcoming speed bumps and road kill.Audi R8 GT Wheelsandmore Supersport Edition

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