Why would you buy a convertible in the Netherlands

Mercedes Benz SLR Stirling MossWe will not discuss again the question, whether a convertible or not gay is. What I am particularly curious about the reasons for the Netherlands to buy a convertible.  For the nice weather, you do in any case not to, because the weather during our summer vacations does regularly think of the autumn.

With a little common sense, can be bought in the Netherlands is not convertible, at least not for the beautiful weather. Yet again the clear influence on the sales of convertibles in our country. As peaked as the sale of used convertibles during the warm April Mon In the cold and wet month of July were far fewer people poke for a convertible.

Last month, car dealers 691 used convertibles sold to consumers. That is 14.4 percent lower than the same month last year. This while overall car sales by 9.9 percent. The proportion of convertibles was used last month accounted for 0.73 percent of total cars sold. A year earlier was still 0.94 percent.

According to the weather statistics, the temperature last month was 2 degrees below average, while in July 2010 just 1.9 degrees warmer than average. In April this year, it was 3.9 degrees warmer than normal and that led to the highest selling convertible in the past four years. There were 1,085 used convertibles sold, compared to 906 one year earlier with the temperatures around the average.Mercedes Benz SLR Stirling Moss

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