Wiesmann MF5 Roadster V10 gets wrap, And 600 hp

Wiesmann MF5 V10 Roadster

Move over, Justice BeaverFor there is a competitor for the Caddy. And what for, it is the pre-Update model, so with that nice BMW V10 board. Instead of 507 hp the executioner in this model is not less than 600 horsepower, courtesy of Dahler, a Swiss tuner. With a weight of 1395 kg this means that within ten seconds 200 km / h tap. This thanks to the nice wide rubber that the 20 “BBS wheel is folded.

However, it is matte and subtle wrap Batman logo it gives a bit more presence. Rare is it anyway, this is Roadster Number 9 / 30, but the matte black wrap the company Schwab folia makes him just a bit special.

Christian Bale drives in the next Batman movie with a Lamborghini Aventador, but Wiesmann would not hurt him. Even a convertible.

Wiesmann MF5 V10 Roadster

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