Wikileaks: GM Opel did not sell to the Russian

GM OpelIs that just coincidence. Opel now again become discredited because of a possible sale to Volkswagen comes with some inside info from Wikileaks two years ago out about the sale plans were originally created. GM could Opel / Vauxhall love to sell, not only to Russia.

As you know does Wikileaks bizarre many insights into the ups and downs of American diplomats. About each toilet visit is recorded in the cables. And from that intercepted statements by these diplomats, it now appears that GM two years ago-back in financial trouble and on the edge of bankruptcy, just did not feel had 55 percent stake in BV Opel rid of Russian companies.

There was a consortium set up in which both parts of the Canadian farmer Magna as a Russian state bank were represented. This bank was called Sberbank (Spyker’s financier Vladimir Antonov began his career here, but apart from there) and shimmering but not GM, said the revelations of Wikileaks.

Nevertheless, there is already a memorandum of understanding signed with the consortium and in Berlin it was thought that the deal was, but when the buyers represented in the consortium increasingly “unacceptable” demands began to make the deal was suddenly less certain than expected. Magna and Sberbank demanded inter alia that they had an option to Opel later to a Russian automaker to sell. And that was probably the greatest fear of GM, that their technique in the hands of Russia would fall.

Eventually the sale in November of 2009 cut off . GM then behaved like a crybaby and gave the ‘Merican to blame Neelie Kroes . Now we know that this bull shit was fat and GM own cold feet so they did not want to go to sea with the Russian. Still quite useful is not it, that entire Wikileaks.

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