Will there be a uitzwaaimodel of the Gallardo

Lamborghini Gallardo STExactly, one week ago we Lamborghini teaser for a new puzzle put.  For example, oh,  what would they now bring to the next international motor show? It seems that the Italians no longer have to keep a secret. It would be a hardcore version of the Gallardo go. Even before these uitmelkmodelletje a Lambo from production.

This rumor would express car of yet another “anonymous source” heard to have.  For the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show which begins next month has an extra smooth Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 prepared. A model that is loosely based on the Super Trofeo,  which regularly leads in races.

Equipped with aerodynamic changes, including a large front bumper splitter and rear wing, a giant in the bottom and where the cheese was quite taken over. This Gallardo ST would be 40 kg lighter than the current need vedergewichtje: the 1,330-pound  Gallardo Superleggera.  There is talk of a production number of 30 units, or 5.2-liter V10 in this release is additional pk’tjes uitpoepen is also unknown.

Well, if we have had this Gallardo is forever on the fun, and we can safely work towards his successor. That comes in 2013 and according to a leaked production so called “Cabrera.Lamborghini Gallardo ST

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