Yellow Ferrari 250 GTO, but in miniature

Ferrari 250 GTO GoldAnyone has a 24-carat replica of the Ferrari 250 GTO? It certainly fits well with your home if you live in a house with wheels natural lives.

The expensive-looking model of the legendary 250 GTO to THIS photo is the result of the hard work of one Dante Rubli, Swiss artist. The “unveiling” at the upcoming car party at Pebble Beach, held annually on the third Sunday of August. What exorbitant amount on the price tag will be written is still unknown, it is the artist-he made ​​earlier outfielder miniatures of the Aston Martin DB5 and Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing, is planning to make 10 pieces.

Chances are the main English radio & Ferari adept Chris Evans already has tapped one on the head, which was a revelation at all nice to drool at the shiny car.
Famous Ferrari collector and British television and radio presenter Chris Evans was invited to Monaco to sculpture unveils the latest in the award-winning Swiss artist’s series depicting iconic sports cars: the legendary Ferrari 250 GTO. Shaft owner or an original 250 GTO, chassis number 4675 GT, Chris Evans was the ideal person to lift the veil, and the new 1:8 scale Ferrari Enzo or interpretation’s greatest creation was revealed to the world.Ferrari 250 GTO Gold

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