Your house powered by Nissan Leaf: It can

Nissan Leaf GeneratorOccasionally, there is something about EVs meesmalend carried out with the Nissan Leaf in particular is the head of Jut. The technology still has a long way to go to develop, but it’s actually pretty good that a manufacturer sees opportunities and is willing to make significant investments. EVs, and create new applications in the margin. This allows you to use your leaf will soon house of power.

Everyone has it, or the lack of charging points, yet a little Achilles heel of the Leaf, but you can move the matter around: if the Leaf is a fully charged battery has, and you did just one day is not necessary, then may well serve as a generator, or to your home during the day to provide cheap night electricity. The 24 KWh battery in the car, according to the engineers at Nissan provide enough juice for an average Japanese house two days of power.

The system should allow that connects the car with the meter via a connector on the fast-loading port of the Leaf battery is inserted. Do you like a ‘free’ generator. Besides this function, which at the Nissan headquarters in Yokohama was revealed, the automaker recently a Blackberry and Android app for elektrowaggie released. You can say what you want, and put emphasis on the negative aspects, but the company stands behind their product and develops it in the margin well.Nissan Leaf Generator

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