Zeswielige Covini C6 seen at Goodwood

Covini C6Besides a three-door Astra, peppered 5-Series and a sjonnie-Honda There is really special stuff to see at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Although, especially, have been around since the zeswieler 2005. Apparently the car is still not dead, but a production model is still no.

No, you look twice and it’s not really: six wheels, three axles and 440 hp. Naturally, this power to the rear wheels driven, and all four (4!) The front wheels’ rotation. According Covini is the use of six wheels ensures better grip and less prone to aquaplaning. And you can ride it again with a flat tire, if you ask us. The top speed is 300 km / h and the two-seater does not seem to weigh more than 1,150 kilograms.

The last time we heard any of this was three years ago. Then more is known about the production plans and decided the Italian company A hard-top of it. In the meantime, it was pretty quiet, and now they dive back to the FoS in Great Britain. They sometimes back production plans? Have you already found a buyer? (Source: GTspirit)Covini C6

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